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H`FLO Fan blades are manufactured out of Fibre glass material of pre designed configuration with Epoxy or Vinyl for special applications and are hollow in construction. H`FLO 'HOLLOW BLADE' design incorporates many of the IDEAL BLADE features like high efficiency / low drag aerofoil shapes, larger twists, wider chord widths and superior surface finish of the blades with an extremely high fatigue resistance. H`FLO Hubs are designed with provision for ease of installation and maintenance. They are of simple construction and materials of the hub components are chosen for durability. The hubs can fit any tapered or straight gearbox or motor output shaft for direct driven fan, The hub component materials ensure corrosion-free operation in the wet / high humid environments.


  • Energy Efficient due to maximum LIFT & minimum DRAG design
  • 25% less fan motor kw for same airflow 10% increase in airflow for same fan motor kw
  • Proprietary
  • Aerodynamic Design Vibration free & low Noise Operation
  • Light weight hollow design
  • Excellent Corrosion & Erosion Resistant
  • Superior mechanical strength

Energy Efficiency

H`FLO Fan designs incorporate the modern ultra efficiency aerofoil' s that can be used only with hollow blades and have high camber, very large twist and varying taper along the length of the blade, all chosen to result in a large reduction in power consumption (drag) per unit output of the fans when compared to conventionally designed and constant-chord cast aluminum or solid plastic blades. A proven energy savings of min 20% while delivering same airflow as of original fans.

Corrosion and Erosion Resistance

H`FLO Fan blades being hollow and of Fiberglass reinforced Epoxy or Vinyl material immune to corrosion. The especially built-in leading edge protection given to the blades prevents erosion of the blades due to impinging water particles in cooling tower. The hub assemblies consist of steel galvanized plates with stainless steel hardware and taper sleeves (where necessary) Grade Cast Iron hub spools and clamps which ensure corrosion resistance are also epoxy painted for further protection.

Short Payback Period

With the 'RISK FREE' minimum guaranteed energy saving offered by H`FLO the power required to run the fans is reduced resulting in savings on operation costs. On typical H'FLO fan retrofits, most of the clients achieve pay back is less than 2 years.

Vibration free

H`FLO Fan blades are moment-balanced for ease of installation. The large hub assemblies are statically balanced. While small hub assemblies are dynamically balanced to ISO Grades to ensure Vibration-Free Operation, throughout the life of the fan.

Wide Range

H`FLO Fan diameters vary from 1,200mm to 10,400mm. Non-standard and feet diameters are also available. Our R & D always work on performance improvement

Lightweight fans

The hollow FRP blades used in H`FLO fan are light but extremely fatigue resistant. The hub assembly design makes it light but durable.

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