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Leader in high energy efficiency, cost effective Si PV technology since 2004 Teams of scientist and manufacturing professionals with significant pioneering experience in the field provides highly profitable solar module manufacturing technology worldwide Unique technology based on Nano crystalline silicon and proprietary light trapping technologies used for thin film and crystalline silicon solar module manufacturing provides lowest manufacturing Cost per Watt in the world, resulting in lowest system costs. Manufactures advanced solar panels, and turnkey systems integration. Global Network of manufacturing, panel distribution and solar system


  • The number of units generated per installed watt by NanoPVsolar modules are the highest in the market. NanoPV solar panels are engineered, using Nanotechnology, to be generating electricity even at low light levels, diffuse radiations, and even during rainy and cloudy conditions. NanoPV solar panels will perform better even at high temperature conditions due its low temperature coefficients (less degradation[less than half, compared to conventional solar panels] as the ambient temperature increases) Better Shadow resistance and better performance at real world conditions.
  • Cost effective system:NanoPV’s proprietary technology leads to the lowest cost of manufacturing compared to any other technology in the market anywhere else in the world. This leads tothe lowest solar system cost in the market giving the highest benefit to the end users. NanoPV solar systems can cost as low as 3 times compared to the systems in the market
  • NanoPV solar uses nanotechnologies and it uses no toxic material during manufacturing and during operation. Even after the guaranteed life time 25 years, the Nano PV solar modules will leave no toxic material.

Key Features


  • Easy to install, easy to use
  • No digging or pouring of concrete needed
  • Can be used in all types of sol Fastest possible installation time
  • Ready for use immedetely after installation

Environmentally friendly

  • Compact design ensures the least impact on ground and surrounding
  • Minimal site preparation needed
  • Since there is no need for concrete, the ground remains intact after screws are removed.


  • Made with gaaned steedsch
  • Can be subjected to weight load immediatley after installation
  • Provides solid foundation in all weather conditions


  • Reduced installation time and cost
  • Minimal materials required; provides the most cost effective foundation solution
  • Lowers system buy back times
  • Removable and reusable

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